About Nova

At Nova College students grow as a person. This is what we promise our students. We want our students to become independent, valued and conscious professionals and citizens. People who are aware of what they are capable of and know where and how to learn during the rest of their lives.
The Nova College provides vocational education and secondary education as well as business courses for employees. We are situated in the Amsterdam area (near Schiphol Airport). With our 1200 employees we provide courses for 12.500 students above the age of 16.

The VET programme encompasses Economics, Technology, Social Care, Health and Welfare from assistant to middle management and offers two learning pathways:

  • five days of college a week alternated with practical training
  • a combination of work and schooling

The secondary education varies from pre-vociational education up to and including pre-university education.

Talent development abroad
We encourage our students to discover and develop their talents and provides them with a safe environment where they can feel at home and grow into professionals. The development programmes also include international apprenticeships. Read our practical training contract.

About 9% of our students take part in mobility programs. Mainly within Europe, but also outside the EU. Staff members also visit various countries because of participation of a seminar, visiting students abroad or job shadowing. Many of these activities are funded by Erasmus+ 

Business partner
We also provide training for company employees and others who wish to increase either their prospects in the job market or their own personal competence.

IT leading
We provide a Portal to our students, teachers and employees based on the latest SharePoint technology. The Portal provides: educational tools such as digital portfolio’s and student competence facilities, to meet the needs of the next-generation student. It also provides Management dashboards, workflow processes from back offices like finance and human resources. Our IT-environment is nationally one of the leading.

Erasmus+ accreditation
Nova College has been awarded the Erasmus+ accreditation. Nova College is very proud to have received this recognition where it focusses on improving the skills and employability of youth and professionals within Europe and beyond. Our Ministry of Education strives for a minimum participation of 10% student mobility in international projects within VET in 2023. Examples are study exchange, following courses and doing an internship abroad. Within Nova College already 9% of our students are taking part in mobility projects.


More information?

For general information about Nova College, please contact:
Nova Servicepunt 
Postbus 2110, 2002 CC Haarlem
Telephone +31(0)23 530 20 10
WhatsApp +31 6 57813495 
E-mail info-advies@novacollege.nl
PIC number of Nova College is 948065779

For information about international exchange and partnership possibilities with Nova College, please contact: 
E-mail: internationalisering@novacollege.nl

For general information about studying in the Netherlands:
Please see StudyInHolland.nl. How to apply for a visa and learn about regulations, please see IND.nl/studie and IND brochure Coming to the Netherlands to study