I take every opportunity to improve myself

Koen Lubbers, 19
Course: All-Round Construction Worker, third-year, level 3, school-based learning
‘I take every opportunity to improve myself’
Koen has been to Sweden twice, first as a student and later as a student coach, and has also attended a pop-up school in Ireland.
‘English is the global language, and both on holiday and during my placement I’ve realized how important it is to be able to speak it. Languages are not really my thing, but I take every opportunity to improve myself.’
‘In Sweden I took language lessons and learnt to weld even better. I even passed my welding certificate there. They don’t differentiate between school-based and work-based learning, and they do a lot of practice actually at school.’
Take it easy
‘The Swedes are relaxed people – they live a less hurried life than we do. That life is expensive, though: you pay €2.50 for a cucumber.’
Hold together
‘As a student coach, you support the group – with instructor supervisionduring the trip and their stay. You go away as a group and everyone has to come back safely. It can sometimes be pretty stressful making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. You feel very responsible.’
Pasta for beginners
‘In Ireland there were eight of us sharing a flat. It helps to be able to cook a little. Just start with pasta, that's the easiest.’