What are the prerequisites?
There is no previous specialised knowledge required, only a minimum age of 19 years old.

Things you need to do before you can participate
Find a ship, this ship must be acknowledged by SBB (Netherlands institute that checks all learning company’s in different areas). The owner of the ship can tell you if the ship is acknowledged. If you have any doubts let us know, we can check it for you.

Application form
Once you have found a ship, please fill in the application form.

After we received your applicationform you will get your username and password for your online Portfolio and we will send you a sticker called “Lichtmatroos” which you can put in your Dienstboekje. Then go to SAB, show your Dienstboekje and then you will get your Lichtmatroos licence and then you can start to do your 90 days of sailing and perform the tasks given in your portfolio.

You will be monitored online. When you have finished al tasks in the portfolio, you will be ready for your practical exam.

After setting a date you will do this exam on one of our ships in Harlingen or IJmuiden.

When you pass the practical exam and completed your 90 days of sailing time, we registrate your details and you will receive a certificate from CBR. With this certificate you can get your registration Matroos at SAB.

The fee for the practical exam boatman is € 999,- including online monitoring and certificate.

Mrs. Tineke Handgraaf
Nova College Maritieme Academie
Kanaalstraat 7
1975 BA  IJmuiden

Tel.: (+31)23 5302902/5302903
Email: ncot.maritiem@novacollege.nl