Working at sea on merchant (sailing) vessels, in any capacity - it can happen to you: finding yourself in an emergency situation in which acting adequately can make the difference between life and death. In this course, you will learn all the basic techniques necessary to guarantee the safe return of your ship and its crew.

What will you learn?
In the course, you will learn how to act independently with regard to on-board safety, fire fighting and prevention, and surviving in emergency situations. The course satisfies the requirements stipulated in the STCW (Sections A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/1-3 and A-VI/1-4) and the Dutch Merchant Shipping Manning Act.

What are the prerequisites?
No previous specialised knowledge is required to take part in the course. You will need to prove you have passed a valid medical examination for seafarers and a swimming certificate.

The course includes:
• Personal survival techniques
• Survival at sea
• Breathing apparatus
• Fire fighting/prevention
• On-board safety
• Social responsibility on board
• Elementary first aid

5 days, from Monday through Friday.

Size of group
7 participants min., 14 max.

Course dates
These are available on request.

Application form

Those who complete the course successfully will receive the internationally recognised Basic Training Certificate. The Nova College Maritime Academy is recognised by the STCW (institute code NL-25PX) and is authorised to enter the course locally in the muster-book and the personal-safety logbook. The certificate will remain valid provided you can document a minimum of one year’s sailing time in the five years following issue of the certificate. During this period, the minimal competencies from basic training must be maintained.

The fee for the course is € 1.109, including instruction material, the STCW certificate, coffee/tea and lunch.

Extra information
The basic training course is given both in Dutch and English.

€ 1.109