Do you have a broad interest in the world around you? Are you enterprising but not yet sure which course would best suit you, your interests and talents? Then seize the opportunity to develop yourself with our bilingual International Business and Commerce programmes!

These programmes offer a wide and varied range of subjects to suit your enterprising personality. If you dream of an international career or internship then these English/Dutch bilingual programmes are for you.

Besides a level 4 MBO certificate, you will also attain an international BTEC diploma (Business and Technology Education Council), which is recognised in more than 70 countries and will help you to progress to a university of applied sciences. Taking the programme of excellence and attaining a BTEC Level 3 Extended diploma will provide access to a number of universities. We offer the following BTEC units:

  • Exploring Business
  • Research and planning a Marketing Campaign
  • Business Finance
  • Managing an Event
  • International Business
  • Effective Project Management

Your own business
During their studies, many of our students set up their own business or start work with their placement company. Examples of positions graduates have taken up include: 

  • Import Export Account executive in Peking – China
  • Software Engineer Graduate @ KLM
  • Online e-commerce business
  • International flower and bulb trade
  • Account Executive @ Rackspace Technology
  • Afterpay Finance
  • Global Data and Digital Multinational (Equinix EMEA)
  • Founder of GoalGetters Masterclass
  • Vlogger and TED talker, Bouwvibes

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