As a master, chief officer or chief engineer, working at sea on merchant (sailing) vessels, your position is very demanding. That is why it is important to be well-informed on all fronts. For example, where your ship’s security is involved. This course provides participants with the requisite on-board knowledge and expertise in order to set out to sea with confidence.

What will you learn?
You will learn how to ensure ship security, as well as how to execute and maintain the ship security plan. You will also be trained in regard to  maintaining contact with the company security officer and the port facility security officer.

What are the prerequisites?
To take this course you will need to have knowledge of the ISPS-Code, SOLAS (Chapter XI) and the ship security plan. The course is given at the secondary vocational education level.

Included in the course:
• International conventions, codes and national legislation
• Ship and port activities
• Security investigations and inspections
• Ship security plan
• Reporting, documentation and security administration
• Security consciousness and responding to emergencies
• Coordination with security officers on board and the port facility
• Responsibilities and functions of other security organisations
• Security equipment
• Checks, inspections, security guards and oversight
• Knowledge of present-day threats in respect of security and patterns
• Recognising features and behavioural traits of those who could threaten safety, as well as techniques used to circumvent security measures

Two days.

Size of group
3 participants min., 10 max.

Course dates
These are available on request.

Those who complete the course successfully will receive the Ship Security Officer certificate.

The fee for the course is € 645, including instruction material, certificate, coffee/tea and lunch.

Extra information
The course, Ship Security Officer, is available both in Dutch and English, and upon request, can also be held in-house at our Harlingen location.