13 mei 2019

The kind of shipping company I want to work for

Simon van Zanen (18)
Course: Maritime officer, third year, level 4, school-based learning
‘This is the kind of shipping company I want to work for’
Simon did a five-month uninterrupted placement at the Danser Van Gent shipping company, visiting a total of 14 different countries.
‘The ship I sailed with is a multi-purpose ship, able to transport different types of cargo. Stone and ore, for example, but also wind turbine components.’
‘Although I already sail, pleasure boating is different. This experience has confirmed that ocean shipping really suits me. The sunsets in the middle of the ocean, sailing through the Norwegian fjords or the sheer tranquillity when you have nothing around you but water… It’s simply fantastic.’
At home
‘The atmosphere on board was quite like at home, so I didn’t feel homesick. The shipping company is a family business, so you’re sailing with the captain/owner. The crew is mainly made up of Dutch people. This is the kind of shipping company I’d like to work for in the future.’
‘You work with people of all kinds of nationalities. In Egypt and Morocco, the port officials took a very authoritarian approach and everything had to be processed quickly. Finland was completely different. There you’re allocated a shipping agent, who arranges communication between onshore and the ship.’
‘At night, you also have to keep watch. That means getting out of bed at 02.00, which can take getting used to. Seasickness can also be a problem, but eating properly and simply persevering with my work helped me through it.’