13 mei 2019

The diversity of world cities appeals to me

Patrick Keuter, 18
Course: IVS Junior Account Manager (English-language), third year, level 4, school-based learning. Patrick is also owner of Skinboost Cosmetics
‘The diversity of world cities appeals to me’
Patrick has twice attended a four-week pop-up school, in Liverpool and Berlin.
 ‘Whenever I can travel, I do. I’ve already been to about 12 countries, but usually with my mother. That first time travelling alone was quite exciting. I didn’t know anyone in the group, but I quickly made friends.’
‘At the pop-up school you take language lessons in combination with work on an assignment for a local entrepreneur. Besides the fantastic memories, I now have language certificates in English and German.’
Without prejudice
‘The diversity of world cities like Berlin appeals to me. The atmosphere is international, curious and open-minded. You meet so many people from other cultures. I learnt from a Korean classmate what it’s like to live on the border between North and South.’
Going my own way
‘I’ve come back a different person. I now know that I don’t necessarily need to be with other people to have fun. If I want to eat out, I’ll go anyway even if nobody else wants to come along. I’m now more likely to go my own way.’