13 mei 2019

You become flexible

Nienke Rooijers, 18
Course: Teaching Assistant, third-year, level 4, school-based learning
“You become flexible”
Nienke did a nine-week work placement at a primary school in Malta.
 “In Malta, four and five-year-olds are already taught to read and write. The fact that they’re so serious with such young children surprised me.”
Hot lunch
 “I'm thinking about eventually becoming an English teacher. That’s why I wanted to experience life at an English-speaking school. Some of my colleagues there ate a hot meal at lunchtime, and as soon as the children are finished for the day, so are the teachers. It’s the cleaners who tidy up the classrooms.”
With open arms
 “The teachers welcomed me with open arms, and very soon allowed me to participate in everything. I was allocated to a girl with concentration problems. I learnt a lot about how you deal with that kind of thing.”
On your own 
“On my first day at work, my bus was late and so I was too. I had to hurriedly call the school to explain. You’re all on your own out there, which takes some getting used to. Well, I say alone... You're with other girls, but still… It makes you flexible. I can look after myself in unfamiliar situations now, and I can stand in front of a group of people. It’s nice to know that about myself.”